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AI meets Freeride

Dear potential sponsors,

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) is not only changing the workplace but also influencing our daily lives. From text creation to activity planning, AIs are increasingly taking on tasks. Hence, the idea arises to humorously combine artificial intelligence with freeride skiing in our ski film „AI meets Freeride“.

What can you expect? - Story
The narrative leads to amusing and exaggerated situations, initially accompanied by typical misunderstandings between humans and AI. In doing so, we humorously highlight the possibilities and limits of collaboration, without neglecting the serious safety aspects in the mountains.

Where? - Location
Where will it be shot? Most shots will be taken in the Alps, where we can ensure optimal flexibility for this unique project.

Who? - Team / Distribution

Felix Wiemers
Ski Freeride Pro
Partners: Fischer, Alpina, Roeckl, Montec, ABS,
VANTourer, Paedi Protect, Komperdell, FALKE Ergonomic Sport System, AlpenPower

Max Kroneck
Ski Freeride
Pro Partners: Fischer, Alpina, Roeckl, Arcteryx, Suunto

Production MIDIAFILM
Camera, Direction, Editing Michael Bernshausen
Motion Graphics Manuel Rueda
Sound Design Isobel Cobe

First thoughts (You can find moods under the text)
A freerider e.g Felix stands on a mountain peak, facing a vast slope with numerous options for descent. Uncertain about the optimal route, he turns to an artificial intelligence (AI) system to guide him.

Suddenly, a futuristic-looking freerider e.g. Max appears before him, seemingly emerging from nowhere. Max, devoid of emotion, calmly instructs Felix on the ideal line to take down the slope. Grateful for the guidance, Felix thanks the AI and deactivates it.

In subsequent scenes with a similar setup, the two freeriders find themselves once again on a summit, overlooking an untouched slope.

Felix, seeking advice from the AI for the best line down, activates it again. However, this time, the AI manifests itself differently. Without waiting for Felix‘s question, it starts skiing down the slope, slashing the powder and jumping cliffs ahead of the freerider.

Felix, still at the top, watches in surprise and frustration as the AI leaves a trail in the pristine snow without waiting for his query. Growing increasingly irritated with the AI, Felix continues to encounter it without prompting, sometimes even appearing ahead of him.

This leads to a competition where Felix must hurry to choose the most beautiful line and position himself faster at the drop-in point. The relationship between the freerider and the AI transforms into a race, with Felix striving to outmaneuver the AI and secure the optimal line.

When? - Schedule
When does it start? Production runs from January to March 2024, followed by post-production in the summer of 2024. Social content will be released during production and the film campaign in august 2024. The premiere at various festivals is scheduled for September 2024, with the online release in winter 24/25.

Instagram (9:16 Reels 25-45 seconds)
YouTube / Vimeo / Film Festivals
Trailer, Movie (5-10 minutes)
Photos 10 edited images in the press kit.

Deliveries also possible directly during the current winter season. The number of respective content as well as raw material for your own use can be further negotiated individually and taken into account in production.

How can you help? - Budget breakdown
Travel/Accommodation/Food, Ski passes Required for shooting at selected locations.
Production (7 days cameraman and athletes)
Postproduction (14 days)
Color Grading (3 days)
Motion Graphics (3 days)
Sound Design (2 days)
Music licenses Costs
Advertising Budget for marketing

Total Budget: 30,000 EURO

Package deals - Support
Your financial support not only enables the realization of this project but also participation in an entertaining and thought-provoking narrative. Inspired by the progressive integration of AI into our daily lives, we aim to showcase possibilities and limits, always with a wink.

Main sponsor
Exclusive logo in the image Prominent placement Intensive product placement
Sponsor-related promotional clip

Logo in the image with other sponsors Reuced pro-duct placement

Name mention in the credits

Prices will be negotiated individually.

Insights into selected projects - Reference (You can find Reference under the text)
Visit the links for a comprehensive overview of our previous works and projects.

Overview of all freeride ski films since 2013

Michael Bernshausen, MIDIAFILM,, +49 (0)171 999 44 53
Max Kroneck,, +49 (0) 176 643 400 30
Felix Wiemers,, +49 (0) 152 540 928 79

Let‘s create something great together! Your financial support not only enables the realization of a special project but also the joint narration of an entertaining and unique story. We would be delighted for you to be part of this adventure and together, with smiles on our faces, create something extraordinary on the screen.

Best regards,
and Max.


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