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Freeride Skiing Movie

Das MIDIAFILM-Team zeigt in ihrem Skifilm, wie Hingabe und Engagement zu unvergesslichen Tagen auf dem Berg führen. Mit legendären Fahrten an lokalen Spots und der Erkundung neuer Gebiete wie den Küstengebirgen von Tromsö.

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Dedication - devotion and commitment, it's a great combination for days on the mountain. We're always making the most of the conditions as they are, but it's even nicer when Mother Nature plays along. Legendary snowfall like the years of old spoiled us in our local spots and there was no lack of motivation- we were treated to riding entire zones that were far from skiable in recent years. This year turned the movie on it's head and the ski-porn of the Alps became the focus of the film, unlike recent years where the MIDIAFILM crew have had to travel far and wide to find the powder.

Nevertheless, at the end of the winter, it was time to look for something new and expand our horizons. So we flew to Tromsö in northern Norway, far north of the Arctic Circle- a sailboat would be home to the crew the next two weeks. With the luxury of beach accessed ski touring we explored the beautiful coastal mountains before sailing on to the next spot. There were challenges of course, partially due to our general lack of sailing experience, so an adventure-packed trip was the result- as you're about to see.

Veteran members of the MIDIAFILM crew Roman Rohrmoser and Felix Wiemers are back and better than ever with a part that's going to make you want to move to Zillertal. Max Kroneck, Jochen Mesle and Lukas Ebenbichler's silky smooth skills form an integral part of the worldwide action. Neil Williman has become an indispensable part of the team and is appearing in his third MIDIAFILM production. Now with the new addition of Sandra Lahnsteiner we have our first chick in the crew, who didn't hold back in her first year!